The Strengths and Weaknesses of Full Tilt Poker


Strength #1 for this site is that it happens to be one of the largest online poker websites around. When people are looking for other people of a similar mind to play with, having a large pool of players to choose from certainly does help that process along. They have long been one of the more impressive sites for players but since the exit of other major sites from the US market they have become one of the industry leaders in terms of number of players logged on over an average day of time.

Weakness #1 for them is that they do not have a number of secondary bonus offers สล็อตออนไลน์888. There are very few offers available to people that play at this online poker site beyond the initial deposit bonus that is available. For some people this will not be an issue since they are looking for a home base of poker activity that they can play at whenever they have nothing else going on. For players that thrive on being able to collect bonuses however, this is most definitely a weakness. Most of the players that fall in this group will most likely decide to play a game here until they get the initial sign up bonus and then move onto another poker site immediately after they have all the money they can get.

Strength #2 is that it has one of the most efficient graphical user interfaces around. When you take a look at how their software package works, what you will see is that not only are the graphics excellent, but the game play is extremely fast. Shuffling and dealing is practically instantaneous and there is something about the ambience in the room that tends to make people play fast. Action junkies and normal players alike will appreciate the efficiency of this software package as online poker tends to get boring if it is played slowly.

Weakness #2 is that the customer service on the poker site can sometimes be slow. They are very good at replying with accurate information to the questions that are posed to them and for that reason they should be commended. However, the speed of reply is quite slow for a website of their size and until they take the time to allocate more resources and personnel to fixing this situation, it will be a thorn in their side as one of their major weaknesses to deal with. Overall however, it is preferable to have this weakness as opposed to a weakness with the software or the popularity. In the end, the trade-off is more than worth it.

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