Medical Equipment Rentals for Travelers


Everyone needs a vacation once in a while. For most people, the biggest vacation transportation worry is where to find the best deal on a rental car. But for people with limited mobility, it can be difficult to even get around at all. People with disabilities and traveling seniors have a unique problem. Those who require motorized scooters in order to get around can find it difficult to travel at all. If you can drive to your vacation destination, you might be able to take your motorized scooter with you. But what if your vacation destination is somewhere not accessible by land, like Hawaii? You can’t exactly take your motorized scooter on the plane with you Jackson Table.

Fortunately, there are solutions to help seniors or those traveling with disabilities. A few medical homecare companies provide motorized scooter and wheelchair rentals just for travelers. If you are traveling to an exotic destination, call ahead before you go and look for a medical company that provides scooter rentals. They may even provide specialized equipment just for your vacation, like beach wheel chairs. Beach wheelchairs are similar to normal wheelchairs, except they are fitted with two oversized rubber wheels in the front and two small rubber wheels in the back for maneuverability. This allows the user to move across sand easily. The beach wheelchair makes it possible for those with limited mobility to get right down near the surf with any trouble. Equipment rentals like beach wheelchairs and scooters are helpful tools for those travelers that need a little extra help getting around.

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