How To Play Ace-King In A Poker Tournament


The two moves with Ace-King: Either “use it or lose it.”

There is so much material written about the Ace King, it can be overwhelming. Today, some players will just blindly move all-in with Ace-King, while other players are callers and hope to hit their hand on the flop.

The simple truths about Ace-King are as follows:

– It is the strongest drawing hand in no-limit poker, meaning if you hit the Ace you will have the best kicker 바카라사이트.

– You will only have top flop pairs or better about 33% of the time. That means your hand will not improve on the flop about 67% of the time.

– It is a slight underdog to any pair before the flop.

– It is a big favorite to any other Ace-x hand.

– It is an opportunity to double up or disaster that knocks you out of the event.

There is a simple way to play Ace-King. Either “use it or lose it.” If you can use it to accumulate chips without taking the worst of it, then raise, re-raise or move all-in. If you can’t “use it” with the expectation of being ahead, then “lose it.” In no-limit poker, a good fold is a good thing.


You have Ace-King. It is early in the event. The blinds are $ 25- $ 50. You have $ 2,500. An early position player, with $ 2,000, raises to $ 150. What should you do?

The worst thing to do is to just call. Since you have a drawing hand, you don’t want your opponent to see a flop.

Raise. A raise can get your opponent to fold. The maximum pressure to put on your opponent you should move all-in. The moving all-in is going to cost your opponent the rest of his chips.

Of course, to your opponent that you have Ace-King. Therefore, he may decide to take a pocket pair and try to double up.

Overall, it’s early, you need to accumulate chips, and Ace-plays plays better when the five board cards are revealed. Risk is good.

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