Under Review of Blur Pro Football Boots Armor


This week, we are reviewing the Under Armor Blur Teacher’s Soccer Shoes.

Under Armor, of course, is a new and established US brand that is now generating value in the UK and throughout Europe in an effort to add market share to the area of ​​soccer shoes.

Like worn with players like Bobby Zamora, the below are like shock absorbers for toes! Players with natural speed and agility can take advantage of the technology used to design the shoes, allowing a much greater level of performance บ้านผลบอล.

Built with really easy micro fiber top, this unique layered design using a clean texture allows enhanced ball control to make your feet feel cool and fresh throughout the game. Something that might not be permitted by all boot.

The load has been reduced to around 200g and combines it with a wider Pebax outsole and front leg and you also have a boot that offers good maneuverability and acceleration. Rotating and turning the ground at a limited distance and stopping to die is not a problem when wearing those soccer shoes.

Micro G pads and 4D foam build up exceptional shock absorption to eliminate your calf and leg tension which allows a sustainable level of resistance. This is indeed very important especially during the last stages of the game.

These boots also contain an asymmetrical binding process with tongue twisting for individual matches and less bulkiness in the area needed to hit the ball.

Below Armor offers two color choices, black / bolt or metallic silver with a tactical logo position that enhances visible results. Whatever alternative you choose to go to, you will definitely be noticed.

These boots will be suitable for gamers who have natural agility and speed. They will help you improve your natural skills and will give you a competitive edge over your own opposition.

In terms of quality and value for money, you will find it difficult to get a group of similar boots that are assembled to a standard with a relatively low cost.

Under Armor almost certainly has a method to move until finally they really compete with people like Adidas, Nike and Puma, Beneath Armor Blur Pro is of course a step in the perfect direction. With famous professional players starting to embrace these boots, then it might only be a matter of time.

Extension of time will be a possibility to excel when wearing ultra comfortable boots under this Blur Guru Armor.

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