Matcha Green Powder Tea: All That You Ought to Know


The Basics

In order to understand more about Japanese matcha tea, the first step is learning more about the basic facts. For starters, there are several health benefits associated with it and this is largely because you will not be drinking a simple brewed cup but rather, will be taking the complete nutrients that is steeped from the leaves and this includes some antioxidants and vitamins. Due to this fact, it is not easily availed in stores and it is largely due to this fact that it is reputed for fetching a slightly higher amount compared to other types in the market. While this might be the case, there are some online stores which are known for selling high quality matcha powder at affordable prices.

Health Benefits

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of health benefits associated with matcha and they are as high lighted below though they are not limited to the same.

It has the ability to boost your energy levels for more than eight hours without causing any side effects.
Has the ability to increase the level of mental alertness and at the same time, it induces a state that makes it easy to relax.
The metabolism rate is boosted by more than 40%. This is noted in consumers who consume the same regularly. In addition to this, it is also known for aiding in controlling the body weight.
Regulation of the blood sugar level and this makes it easy to observe general good health.
For those people who are having cholesterol related problems, this gives them the opportunity to keep the same within normal range levels Grüner Tee kaufen.
Due to the properties contained in Japanese matcha tea, it is reputed for having alkalized properties and acts as a blood detoxifier.
People who consume the leaves on a regular basis are also known to have healthy gums and teeth.
When compared to steep green tea, it is also known to contain more than 137 potent EGCG antioxidants.

Factors to Consider When Buying

There are several factors that need to be put into perspective before buying matcha powder. This is important for the simple reason it gives you the opportunity to ensure that you get quality tea.

For starters, you ought to know there are different types to choose from and it is deemed ideal to know the difference between the blends. There are some which are used for culinary purposes while others are used for ceremonial purposes among others.
Rather than going out and making a large purchase, it is advisable to buy in small portions. This is ideal for the simple reason it guarantees it will be fresh.
Always, make sure that you look at the color and in this regard, it should always be bright rather than a dull shade since this proves that it is fresh.
Expiration date: Apart from letting you know whether the matcha is fresh, by checking the expiration date, it is also easy to single out the reputable dealers. This is because they use this to highlight the level of freshness of the products they have to offer.
If you are buying from an online store, make sure that they have a solid reputation and they get their products from a reputed dealer as well. This will go a long way to ensure that you enjoy the experience.

Facts you should know

Matcha green tea contains L-theanine and some amino acids. It is due to these properties that it enhances mental clarity and improves your level of calmness.
Due to the high level of chlorophyll content, it is reputed to be an ideal blood detoxifier.
It has more than ten times the level of antioxidants found in regular tea.