Why Being a StarCraft 2 Hacker Isn’t Worthwhile – The Dangers of Hacking and Cheating in Starcraft 2

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty has received massive sales numbers since its release. Based on the original StarCraft game, Blizzard made a sequel that has fulfilled fans of the old game and introduced the show to a whole new generation of gamers. Along with developments and refinements to the match, the sequel also includes advanced anti-cheat procedures. All multi player games and matches have been played on Battle.net 2.0 servers simply.
This gives Blizzard complete control on how a game is played online, in the same homescapes hack android manner that Activision and Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare two does not have dedicated host program. These features which makes it rather tough to be considered a successful Star Craft 2 hacker.
Which is a good thing. Steam makes it possible for hackers to eliminate using prohibited cheats and hacks to get a specific period of time, before banning and suspending their accounts.
This effectively block all their games on this Steam accounts from online access. Blizzard did a similar thing mid way through 2010. Over 5,000 Blizzard user accounts were prohibited or suspended, after having a crack down on hacks and cheats used online throughout multi player games.
Blizzard took matters a step further, by charging the Star Craft two hackers who developed, distributed and sold the illegal hacks to players all round the world. Blizzard is utilizing the EULA as its basis for court actions against both and a Peruvian hacker. Anyone who develops or sells modified sourcecode of matches without any permission, is due to theft.
Blizzard can run the case through a court in Los Angeles, instead of having to work well with courts overseas. Being a real game hacker is not worth every penny. Any wins you accumulate are false and cheaters can’t go undetected for long. If you hack for profit, by selling keys and cracks to additional players, then you will most likely end up in court. Rather just enjoy the game as it is and buy a guide if you truly wish to increase your playing abilities.