Buying Cosmetics on the Internet Will Add 3 Years to Your Life


Women spend 8 years of their lives shopping, according to the results of a recently published study by British scientists. Within the next few years, however, this can be shortened by 2-3 years due to time savings during the selection of cosmetics.

About 3-4 of the 8 years were spent choosing cosmetics. This was for ladies in the time before the Internet. Today, modern women increasingly are buying cosmetics on the Internet and saving about 80% of their time.

In the Top Five

Consumers all over the world most commonly buy cosmetics in supermarkets or drugstores. Now Internet shops have entered the most popular top five sources for selling cosmetic goods. In addition, the popularity of cosmetics Internet shops is growing, according to European demographers who carried out of a global on-line research study.

Among Europeans who regularly buy beauty and health products, 23% have confirmed that they use the web. However, the most cosmetics purchased online are not in Europe at all, but in North Korea – 68%, Taiwan – 39% and Japan – 38%, respectively.

In countries leading in the consumption of cosmetics, Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Russia and Thailand, every fifth buyer prefers to get these products via the Internet.

“It is interesting that the significant of online shops as a sale channel does not depend directly on the level of Internet penetration in the society. Only 18% of Americans buy cosmetics goods and personal treatment products from the Internet on a regular basis. This is the same as in Russia, where access to the Internet is significantly lower,” – General Director of “ACNielsen Russia” Alexander Pesmenniy comments results of the research. In Britain, 26% of respondents buy beauty products from online shops ครีมรักษาฝ้า. Meanwhile, in Poland 33% of survey participants use the Internet to buy cosmetics, the same number as in the much more Internet-developed Germany.

Time saving

Why do buyers who shop for cosmetics on the Internet prefer this to traditional shops?

It turns out that the main advantage is significant time savings of 40% to 80%, which is ensured by not having to leave the home, and also by the absence of queues, 24-hour access and an easy ordering process.

Two thirds of internet buyers of cosmetics (61%) gave exactly this answer.

The research also has shown that for inhabitants of cities and towns with populations close to 1 million, the factors of time economy and at-home delivery are more significant and attractive than for respondents from small regions and towns.

The same advantages of Internet shopping also were more frequently pointed out by high level profit consumers.

Rare product

Almost every second Internet user (47%) noted that in online stores it is possible to find cosmetics and fragrances that cannot be found in regular shops. For example, this includes rare cosmetics brands that are not imported to the resident’s country or limited editions of aromas or perfumes of well-known brands.

This is appreciated especially by young Internet consumers below 28 years, and also inhabitants of small regions.

A bit more than one third of respondents (37%) try to save money when buying cosmetics products online because prices in online shops are 15-40% lower.

Such pricing policies are possible because sellers do not have to pay rent for shopping space, which is usually a basic expense for traditional shops and is included in products’ prices. Besides, Internet cosmetics are not limited by prices in stores that are fighting for online buyers. Therefore, newly-designed cosmetics and beauty products appear in virtual shops considerably earlier than in retail shops, which is especially attractive to those who look after market trends.


All Internet purchases of cosmetics are not able to be touched and smelled before purchase. In the case of buying books or CDs online, this consideration is not very important, but this is a serious problem when selecting cosmetics and perfume. It is interesting that this limitation scares women 3 times more frequently than it does men. However, many online stores today offer consumers the option to order test samples free of charge or for a very low price.

Furthermore, one must not forget that swindlers also live in the virtual space. Therefore, it is useful for a consumer to keep her/his eyes open, for example, by not using credit cards to pay for goods from questionable Internet stores. Instead, consumers should use the “mobile internet” service to be informed quickly about and able to block the unsanctioned debiting of money from their credit cards.

Online shopping experts advise caution with electronic stores that clearly have undervalued prices. This is how cyber-criminals attract buyers.

At the same time, in defense of Internet stores, it is important to note that vigilance is also necessary in the usual department stores where it is also possible to find yourself without your wallet.